Current Meeting

With this meeting, the third after two successful editions (2016 and 2018), we want to:
• Update the clinical results obtained with modulatory, non-toxic therapies
• Go in-depth into the mechanisms of tissue dynamics to support the clinical achievements
• Extend the research to innovative techniques allowing tissue dynamic studies
• In particular, we solicit the participation of pharmacologists and bio-informatics, since we believe that the therapeutic correction of cancer tissue homeostasis represents a novel long-lasting opportunity for sustainable drug development.
We warmly invite all interested researchers, active in the area of clinical oncology, translational studies, basis cell/tissue biology research, regenerative medicine, but also in the development of innovative tools for technological implementation, to join the third edition of this Conference.
The previous editions allowed beginning developing an interdisciplinary platform of “concerned” scientists, willing to probe the hypothesis of anakoinosis to establish this promising new paradigm in anticancer therapies. We hope that this third edition will help enforcing the anakoinosis network with additional expertise, including pharmacological issues, especially important for improving the clinical outcome of anakoinosis anticancer therapies.
Frontiers in Pharmacology will establish a ‘Special Topic’ with the same title of the meeting. All speakers are invited to contribute a full paper, related to the Conference topic, which will be peer reviewed and published according to Frontiers rules. The Topic is however open also to contributions of those who cannot attend the meeting.
A provisional program follows. A second announcement will provide the information for abstract submission and registration, with a first list of speakers
Hoping to see you in Villa Mondragone next …